Three a Day!

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    • Partners In Prayer 10 months ago
      A crunchy bowl of cereal and milk in the morning, a hearty sandwich and drink in the afternoon, a steaming chicken and rice dish in the evening.
      We humans need our nourishment, our energy. Three times a day, we look after our stomachs and fill ourselves up with nutritious and delicious meals.
      Everything in the physical world is just a mirror for the greater spiritual reality. If our bodies need three meals a day, three times a day to re-energise and revitalise, that is a reflection of what our souls need. Our souls need a recharge, a reboot- three times a day.
      As we begin our day, before we dash out for work, we fuel our neshama with a meaningful Shacharis.
      In the middle of the day, we take a pause and refill our tanks with a good Mincha.
      Finally, before our head hits the pillow after a long day, we restock our replenished soul energy with a Ma’ariv.
      How do you think the tefillos we daven energise our neshama?
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