Tefillah for Ana Be’koach

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    • Leah Landau 1 year ago


      בכח גדלת ימינך


      Please we beg of you Hashem

      With the powerful strength of your Right Hand, Your Hand of Rachamim,


      Untie those that are bound to trauma.

      Untie those that are bound to painful destructive relationships.

      Untie those that are bound to bed and/or illnesses.

      Untie those that bound to addiction.

      Untie them from their pain that drives them to it.

      Untie those that are clamped under the claws of depression, suicidal drives and a need to self harm.

      Untie those that are arrested when they don’t need to be.

      Untie those from psych wards and hospitals by healing and freeing them.

      Untie those that are so lonely.

      Untie the barren.

      Untie singles from their singlehood.

      Untie us from our inferiorities.

      Untie us from our stuckness in our ego.

      Untie us from our barriers that don’t allow us to reach into our essence.

      Untie us from our perception that we need to be someone we are not or can not be.

      Untie us from poverty.

      Untie us from deep confusion.

      Untie us from the inability to listen and hear.

      Untie us from the heavy baggage we are each holding.

      Untie us from the fear of letting go.

      Untie those that have a need to manipulate, to see their inner potential and beauty, that they no longer need this.

      Untie us from our sins and bad habits.

      Untie us from all evil in this world.

      Untie us from darkness.

      Untie us and,

      Untie YOURSELF, HASHEM, from this Golus.

      Our ropes and chains have engraved deep grooves within us, and almost grew onto us.

      It’s been enough.

      Please Hashem,



    • Nathan Kruman 1 year ago

      Thank you so much for this poignant and on-point piece.
      It makes me think of the importance and role played by our hope, קוה אל ה׳, how the “hav” is the string our cord (the untied…) that attaches us to Hashem.

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