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    • Michal 1 year ago


      חדש ימינו כקדם

      We know that our souls  cannot exist properly without the Bais Hamikdash as per Magical Awakenings, Vol. 2 . For that we need to cry and yearn for as we are not functioning properly..without!   Every time it seems things are off it is part of this same issue of being without a Bais Hamikdash.

      I  remembered the following taught by Rabbeinu Bachya Ztz’’l.

      Rabbeinu Bachya describes a process in which he considers fundamental to our existence in his Hakdama to the Torah and repeats it in different parts of his commentary to the Torah.

      I think that if we can connect and work on these fundamentals, it is key to making our Bais Hamikdash real now, it is key for our souls to exist properly biezras Hashem.

      This is what he says:

      “Through the Emanah in Chidush (renewal, Hashem creates the world new every moment) , it leads to knowing Hashem so that we are now recognizing His Hashgacha, and the truth of Nevuah, and the truth of Schar V’onesh, (that everything matters).”[1]

      So I thought if I I am going to identify the Geulah moments , I should start with reviewing Rabbeinu Bachyas Fundamental Principle, אמונת חדוש העולם, Knowing that “renewal” is a fact and is fundamental I think to Geulah therefore.

      I think the moments of new are therefore the moments of geulah.. And it is most necessary to review as our part..

      I wrote down some of the “NEW” or Geula  moments for start.

      • Hashem renews every moment I exist
      • All the moments that I am alive, are all brand new
      • All the moments I am able to see and notice in a new way
      • Awareness of the new ways I understand Torah and new concepts shared with me
      • The new people I get to learn Torah with and in all different new ways
      • The new ways I have been able to learn from people to grow and become a better version of me
      • The new opportunities and possibilities available in Avodas Hashem as a constant
      • The new ways I have learned to daven as a constant
      • The ability to live as a completely new existence.
      • The times when I can do Mitzvos in a brand new way.
      • The ability to dream anew.
      • The ability to aspire for new…
      • I aspire to breathe in a whole new way, to breathe and speak in a way that yearns to be connected to my spiritual light.
      • I aspire to exercise a whole new process of bechira to direct all my limbs, my arms, my legs.. In my service of Hashem..
      • I aspire for a whole new self-measurement reflective of what Hashem sees in me..
      • I want to now use the voids to transform into a constant yearning for the ability to access our Bais Hamikdash now…

      When I read the heart moving  Kinnos shared by different people,  I now ask myself,

      Is there a new way I can daven?

      Is there a new way I can respond ?

      Is there a new approach I can tell Hashem, to grant us a New reality of Geulah, protection of His children , a new reality in which the Voids of our Souls are filled with The  Light of Hashem reflecting our light of the Bais Hamikdash?

      I daven for all of us to access our fundamentals so that our souls exist properly, with a Bais Hamikdash very much our reality.





      [1] מתוך אמונת חדוש העולם ישיג האדם ידיעת הש”י מצד דרכיו ופעולותיו,

      כי החדוש מופת על ההשגחה וההשגחה מופת על גודל הנבואה ועל אמתת עונש ושכר

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