From a Perspective of Ratzon (Desire)

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    • Michal 1 year ago

      Morning Blessings; From a Perspective of Ratzon

      Sheasani Kirtzono ( Who made me in His Will)

      I desire a relationship with Hashem, by attaching to His Ratzon (desire).

      I want a reciprocal relationship, a back and forth of desiring.

      Pokeach Ivrim (Who opens the eyes of the blind).

      Open my eyes to this Ratzon (desire)

      Help me see how this type of relationship is available to me .

      Malbish Arumim (Who dresses the naked)

      Who protects the “Ratzon” in the Relationship

      Matir Asurim (Who releasese the Bound)

      Release anything that is still blocking me from connection of this “Ratzon”

      Zokef Kifufim

      Raise me up so I don’t lose it (my Ratzon to attach to You) Give me the self-esteem so I can keep attached to this Ratzon.

      Roka Haaretz Al Hamayim

      This “Ratzon” IS my support. It keeps me grounded and connected.

      By: Malky Rosenberg

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