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  • Tzvi Chulsky 1 year ago

    This reminds me of last week’s parashah telling us not to eat chametz on Pesach כי בחפזון יצאת מארץ מצרים (Dvarim 16:3). This is often read as just commemorating that our bread didn’t have time to rise, but there were far greater consequences of our hurried formation as a nation. In some ways, we were not given a chance to “rise” before we formed, and so, if other nations are bread, we are matzah, and it is our hurried formation—bimhera—that we commemorate on Pesach. (This is largely from Rav Kook.)

    Yeshayahu explains that the reason geulah is taking so long is that this time, we need to do it “right” (beyamenu): כי לא בחפזון תצאו ובמנוסה לא תלכון (Yeshayahu 52:12).

    Tzvi Chulsky 2 years ago

    This is a wonderful thought.  If I do not live up to my potential as a human, can I know Hashem?  Can I proclaim His truth?

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