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  • Michal 2 years ago

    When reflecting on what Rabbi Gutmacher shared, I realized that the victims are also being subjected to terrible slander, and dishonest propaganda amidst the trauma of the act of murder on innocents, devastation to those who are now orphans and widows.  It feels like such a continuation of the trauma that has no words.  People are dealing with losing their loved ones in such a cruel way and to add an unconscionable added trauma is beyond words.  To use this time to make unfounded accusations, aggressive lies, calling the victims “settlers” and it seems as if the world sits still while oppression in the most ugly form continues.  The first thing that came to my mind when reflecting about this is to perhaps focus on the prayers leading up to Shemone Esray , of “Emes , Viyatziv.. and the words of Emes, seeking a world of Emes to reign and obliterate this type of evil in the world.  I think on a personal note, I think I know certain very special people that have risen up to help people who been made victim to slander and lies, who have suffered at the hands of oppressors.  I think perhaps I would place that in my davening by “Al Hatzadikim” and lift up those people who I know, who have done so much to help support and lift up people dealing with aggressors who are destructive as a shevach to Hashem.  And to ask Him to continue elevating them until good, and righteousness, truth becomes the norm in the world.  I also think we can daven by Shema Koleinu, for Hashem to listen to and make heard the voices of people striving to serve Hashem as the voices that are heard and no longer crushed .

    Michal 2 years ago

    How can we apply the halachos of tzedaka practically to Prayer?

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