When our enemies mock Hashem

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    • Partners in Prayer 3 months ago

      Our enemies have displayed in recent horrific events a  level of unabashed evil that is beyond.   They walk around and spread their vile falsehoods with impunity.  Their actions display no fear of  The Source of All Powers, [Elokim].

      The Midrash states as follows:  Dovid Hamelech was facing Golias, a fearsome warrior adorned with all kinds of armor. He thought to himself, ‘Who can defeat him?’ But when he saw that Golias was blaspheming and mocking, he said, ‘Now I know that I can defeat him, because he is not afraid of Elokim.’ As it is said, ‘An oracle of transgression to the wicked.’ From here we learn that the Holy One, blessed is He, judges the wicked only when they have no fear of Him.

      Dovid Hamelech, our Rebbie, our Master explains how this works in this pasuk of Tehillim.

      נְאֻם־פֶּשַׁע לָרָשָׁע בְּקֶרֶב לִבִּי אֵין־פַּחַד אֱלֹהִים לְנֶגֶד עֵינָיו׃, I know what transgression says to the wicked; he has no sense of the dread of Elokim before his eyes. [1]

      Rashi explains that the Yetzer Hara tells the wicked to not fear Elokim.  When the wicked mock Hashem, and commit wicked acts without fear of Hashem; reward and punishment, it instead triggers judgment of hate against them. It is to this that the Medrash Tehillim explains how Dovid Hamelech knew it was actually a moment of a weakened enemy.

      However, If we know that this is what will defeat our enemies, then I think it begs the next question. When I look at myself  how I am doing in this area. ?   How do I strengthen myself to make sure I am not weak in this very area where Dovid Hamelech knew he would  be victorious over the enemy?

      Rabbeinu Yonah in Shaarei Teshuvah teaches  about this attribute of Pachad Elokim.  Based on what I learned from him, I composed a few questions to ask myself to help me in this area.

      1. Am I  acting with compassion to our body,  is it good for me?
      2. Am I thinking of the consequences of my actions?
      3. Am I being kind to my soul; are my actions good in the Eyes of My Creator and Master?
      4. Am I using my intellect Hashem gave me in my choices?
      5. What type of life do I want? Why am I alive?
      6. What will remain of this action after I die?

      When we go to sleep at night, we can daven for this  by Krias Shema Al Hamita when we say: רִגְזוּ וְאַל־תֶּחֱטָאוּ אִמְרוּ בִלְבַבְכֶם עַל־מִשְׁכַּבְכֶם וְדֹמּוּ סֶלָה, Tremble [before Hashem][2], and do not sin;

      ponder it in your hearts and on your bed, and be forever silent,[ and cease to rebel against Me].[3]


      May we be zoche to follow the teachings of Dovid Hamelech, for a true victory; and revelation of Hashem’s Revelation of His Unity biezras Hashem now.











      [1] Tehillim 36:2

      [2] Rashi

      [3] Tehillim, 4:5, Radak

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