Tikun Olam, Bimalchus Shakai

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    • Partners in Prayer 2 months ago

      In the Aleinu daily prayers we daven for a perfected world and we then describe this world of Mashiach as the kingdom of Shakai.

      As it says:
      לְתַקֵּן עוֹלָם בְּמַלְכוּת שַׁדַּי וְכָל בְּנֵי בָשָׂר יִקְרְאוּ בִשְׁמֶךָ.

      What does The Name of Shakai mean?

      The word “Dai”  means enough.

      I imagine this to mean that when I have been able to absorb the concept of Hashem being The Only Power, and No other, Hashem as Melech, and No Other, then there is Tikun Olam.  Meaning, just enough so that I am able to absorb without being overwhelmed.

      For example, When I make a brachah and I wait to make sure absorb the words I say, until each word is real, and each expression of Hashem’s Name fills me, in a way that is accessible, it becomes an act of לְתַקֵּן עוֹלָם בְּמַלְכוּת שַׁדַּי,  and then it has the capacity to elevate the entire creation.

      My brachah can expand and be absorbed in all the world, in all of creation leading to all humanity calling Hashem by His Name, as it says: וְכָל בְּנֵי בָשָׂר יִקְרְאוּ בִשְׁמֶךָ

      May we all access the gift of לְתַקֵּן עוֹלָם בְּמַלְכוּת שַׁדַּי; when all of humanity calls Hashem by His Name.




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