Tehillim 21, Part 8, Hashem’s Strength Revealed

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    • Partners in Prayer 7 months ago

      תִּמְצָא יָדְךָ לְכָל־אֹיְבֶיךָ יְמִינְךָ תִּמְצָא שֹׂנְאֶיךָ, Your [Left] hand shall find out all Your enemies  Your right Hand shall seize those that hate You. (verse 9)

      Dovid Hamelech was having great wars with enemies all around; The P’lishtim, Moavim, Aram, Amon.  In the previous verse, he is promised protection from the enemies as he trusted in Hashem and His Chesed Elyon.

      He first asks Hashem to help discover all of our enemies; as we can do now and ask for Hashem to help us find all of our enemies no matter where they are [Chamas, Hezbollah, Iran and all the nations that plot to destroy or hurt us.][1]

      Dovid Hamelech teaches us to recognize this truth. Hashem’s Hand is enough to help us! We do not need the help of others; [other countries, weapons, Hashem can send help through them, but we don’t need another].  Hashem’s Hand is enough!

      Dovid says even more to Hashem: And, those that hate Hashem will not have the power, or permission to be saved from Hashem’s Hands.[2] They will not be able to be able to run, or to get away or be saved.

      May we hold on to the truth that Hashem’s Hand is enough.

      May Hashem seize our enemies so that they are not able to escape Hashem’s Hands.

      In the time of redemption there will never be such a thing as enemies having power over us.  We need to switch our reality to redemption!

      May we see the officers over the nations that hate Hashem , and the nations themselves who hate Him be seized by Hashem with no place to run or hide.

      [1] Based on Malbim, Tehillim 21:9

      [2] Based on Radak, Tehillim, 21:9

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