Tehillim 21: Hashem’s Strength revealed, Part I

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    • Partners in Prayer 2 months ago

      לַמְנַצֵּחַ מִזְמוֹר לְדָוִד

      To the conductor, a melody of Dovid.  [Through melody of praise will I have victory]

      יְהוָה בְּעָזְּךָ יִשְׂמַח־מֶלֶךְ וּבִישׁוּעָתְךָ מַה־יגיל [יָּגֶל] מְאֹד

      The king [Mashiach] rejoices in Your Strength, Hashem, and in Your Salvation, how greatly He rejoices.


      In the time of redemption, we will see Your Strength, Your Salvation to Your Shechina from Galus.  This will be exceedingly joyful.

      Hashem, we see the opposite from the nations and the officers of the nations of our enemies. They actually rejoice in their strength and power they use against us, such as the open joy of the treachery, savagery they have pounded us with, more than the joy of Your Shechina being released from Galus. 

      May we be zoche for the Melech Hamashiach; Klal Yisrael rejoice in Your Salavation, Your Shechina released from Galus without delay, for a never ending rejoicing!


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