Tefillah for Shidduchim – Tisha B’av

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    • Michal 1 year ago

      My friend composed this tefillah  davening for our friends to find their most appropriate shidduchim with her permission I am sharing.  May  Hashem honor such a prayer and open the heavens for the people who are in need of their shidduchim hagunim in this most auspicious time.

      PRAYER for Shidduchim

      As we’re coming now to the day of Tisha’ah Be’av

      We intensify our Tefilos to Hashem Above 

      That His Bais HaMikdosh He should rebuild 

      So that with The Shechina the world will once more be filled 

      And our closeness to The Shechina Will once again be enjoyed 

      Just as Klal Yisroel did before the Mikdosh was destroyed 

      But the Bais HaMikdosh was just a representation 

      Of the Shechina that rested amongst the whole Jewish Nation 

      For the Shechina resides wherever it’s invited 

      Especially between husband and wife when they are properly united 

      So when we Daven for the Bais HaMikdosh HaShlishi

      We Daven, too for each Zivug individually 

      That every Jewish girl should find her proper mate 

      We feel the pain of those who’ve had such a long, long wait

      And that every Jewish boy should find his proper wife 

      And together they will bring The Shechina into their life 

      May Hashem answer all of our Tefillos and May our Davening be a Zechus 

      To see Simchos by all Yidden And an end to this Galus 

      Bimherah Beyamenu Amein

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