Redemption And Salvation In War

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    • Partners in Prayer 3 months ago

      Rav Nosson Finkel explains in his sefer Ohr Hatzafun on Parshas Vayikra , that the Anshei Knesses Hagidola established our tefillos using specific language of present tense and NOT in future tense.

      Redeems Israel-גואל ישראל

      Gathers the exiles of Israel- מקבץ נדחי עמו ישראל

      Builds Yerushalayim-בונה ירושלים

      Returns His Shechina to Tzion-המחזיר שכינתו לציון

      Rav Finkel explains how it is not a surprise that during the Ikvisa Mashiach we are told it is a time of Chutzpah.  There are opposites happening at the same time; the light of Mashiach will shine.

      Rav Finkel is clear and strong in his language. He states:

      No matter the situation, including war, and oppression happening, and have seen in the prior generations, it is our obligation to see that at the same time Hashem is actively redeeming Yisrael, Gathering our exiles, etc…Whoever does not see this is lacking in Emunah.

      May we all daven with this clear conviction of NOW for Geuala, for the building of the Beis Hamikdash, for the return of Hashem’s Shechina in Tzion Biezras Hashem.

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