Overpowering Yishmael: Offering the Karban Todah as an exchange

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    • Michal 6 months ago

      Perhaps we can study the Halachos and concepts of the Karban Todah and also  and focus our attention on the Karban Todah in our morning prayers,  as a means to fast track and affect an exchange of a time of Peril, Upheaval (seemingly Din)  for  a time of Joy, a time of Rachamim, a time of Mashiach B’mhaira.

      The Medrash states:  “Rabbi Pinchas, Rabbi Levi and Rabbi Yochanan [said] in the name of Rabbi Menachem from Gallia: In the time to come, all sacrifices will be annulled – but the sacrifice of thanksgiving will not be annulled.

      All prayers will be annulled except for prayers of gratitude in the Asid Lavo. (Vayikra Rabbah, 9:7)

      The Shelah Hakadosh says that one of the reasons we bring Karbanos is to enable Hashem on occasion to override Din and exchange it for Rachamim. (As I understood it) (Shnei Luchos Habris)

      This idea is found most especially for the Karban Todah as it says:

      “Rav Yehuda said that Rav said: Four must offer thanks to Hashem with a thanks-offering and a special blessing. They are: Seafarers, those who walk in the desert, and one who was ill and recovered, and one who was incarcerated in prison and went out. “(Brachos 54b)

      May this be a zechus to transform and exchange the  Din, of adversity, dangerous situations, whether for some it is in the form of life saving healing, or those who are held captive (May it be undone now), or those who are “alone” as in a desert, or those who are experiencing the difficulties as stormy winds,  into Rachamim, into  Salvation and Joyful Thanksgiving.

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