Opposites and Tefillah

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    • Michal 1 year ago


      A human being is made up of opposites, body and soul fused together. The choice of Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Tov; Olam Hazeh and Olam Habah and life and death.

      The morning brachos remind us of this possibility every moment as part of the nature of the world. 

      For example:

      • He connects, does chazara on a neshama to dead bodies.
      • He gives sight to the blind.
      • He gives energy to the tired.
      • He clothes those without clothes.
      • He releases those who are imprisoned.
      • He straightens out the bent or crooked.

      I was thinking about prayer and opposites.  When Adam Harishon recognized the need for rain and then davened for it, was that not the springboard for a series of opposites to occur?

      When he identified a need, by definition something was missing.  He pushes for an opposite type of reality and davens for Hashem’s Presence to be known in all of the world through rain. 

      It results in an immediate response of Hashem’s blowing in the physical Adam a Living Soul.  He now has the capacity to master the physical world of opposites. 

      May we all be zoche to access the brachos available to push for what is needed , whether it is health, shidduchim, peace, or to master our Middos overcoming the opposites internally, and ultimately to push for a world of Mashiach, where Hashem’s Presence known and expanded in all the world, as Adam Harishon davened for the rain B’mhaira B’yameinu. 


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