my own personal בצאת ישרא-ל

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    • malki rosenberg 1 year ago

      This came to me while singing Hallel. 🎼🎹🎤🎺🪘🥁🎻🪕🎸🎷🪗

      Thank you Hashem!

      What a gift! a gift that keeps on giving!

      From the meitzar of fear

      hashem took me out!

      And from there, the house of Yaakov, Hashem gave birth within me, a new language. a language of yehuda.

      Holy healing growth fill forward moving thoughts and emotions

      The sea of fear fled.

      The sea of hopelessness turned backwards

      The mountains of hope started to skip like rams, the hills of joy dancing like young lambs.

      What ails u fear that u flee?

      Despair that u turn backwards?

      And what gives u mountains so much hope that u skip like rams?

      And joy that u dance like young lambs?

      Before The Presence of Hashem does the earth tremble before the God of Yaakov. fear turned into awe!

      From Hashem. the one who turns fear, despair, helplessness that seems unmovable just as a rock. into joy and hope, and gratitude that flows like water!!!

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