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    • Partners In Prayer 10 months ago
      Every Jew has their own portion of Torah. We all stood and Sinai and accepted it- but there is one part of Torah that belongs specifically to our soul. There are certain learning topics that make us feel alive, certain mitzvos we feel drawn to.
      As we pray on Shabbos, ותן חלקנו בתורתך “grant us OUR portion in Torah.” We each have our own allotted part.
      Certainly, in tefilla, our individual communication with Hashem, our neshama is pulled towards certain prayers. We are all musicians of our own prayers. Some of us enjoy belting out a joyous Baruch She’amar, others connect to the deep prayer of Refaeinu. Many of us love to express deep emotion in Modim, whilst several focus on the tefilla of hashiveinu, begging to turn back to Hashem.
      So… what is your favourite tefilla and why?
      Let’s hear below…!
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