Marcheshvan: Still murmuring

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    • Partners In Prayer 3 months ago

      Good Chodesh!

      We have now entered the month of Cheshvan, or as it is known in the sefarim (books), Marcheshvan. Why is it called מרחשון/marcheshvan?

      Because in this month we are each being מרחש/meracheish. What does מרחש mean?

      We have gone through an Elul, cried in selichos. We have gone through a Rosh Hoshana, experienced the fear of judgement. We have begged for our lives, Avinu Malkeinu. We have gone through a Yom Kippur, longing for teshuva. Ashamnu, bagadnu. We have gone through a Succos, rejoiced in Hallel and with the Arba minim. We have gone through Shmini Atzeres, hugged the Torah close. Sang Toras Hashem Temima with love.

      מרחש means muttering, murmuring, chattering. In this month of מרחשון, our lips are still moving. We are still murmuring the holy words of the months of Elul and Tishrei. We are still turning to Avinu Malkeinu. We are still longing to be pure. We are still rejoicing over the Torah and mitzvos.

      Yom Tov may be over, but the impact shines on in the heart of every Jew through the month of Marcheshvan…

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