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    • Leah Landau 1 year ago

      על אלה אני בוכיה
      As I was reciting מגילת איכה last night, I couldn’t help realizing that although the megilah is like a time capsule, it is  a capsule that was left open.
      The pain of the חורבן never stopped continuing in its own form and shape throughout our generations.
      And I couldn’t help letting go and just bawling over our actual present חורבן..

      I cry over our siblings in Am Yisroel that have given up hope to ever be redeemed.
      I cry over our siblings that don’t even know that there’s a promise of redemption. They have no inclination of hope for a better tomorrow.
      I cry over our sibling that have given up.
      I cry over our siblings that don’t know that they have  siblings as being a part of Am yisroel.
      I cry over those that are alone.
      I cry over the ability to be around people and still feel alone.
      I cry over the abused.
      I cry over the misunderstood.
      I cry over the self hate.
      I cry over the hate.
      I cry over the young ill children, adolescents,  teens, adults, and elderly,  suffering from cancer and other illnesses.
      I cry over young children already suffering from anxiety and/or Depression.
      I cry over brokenhearted teens and adults that are too worn from pain of living.
      I cry over the alienated and conflicted.
      I cry over the confused.
      I cry over the ones that feel unwanted or unnecessary in this world.
      I cry for the rejected of schools and Yeshivos.
      I cry for the schools’ fear of their students.
      I cry over the ones that feel unloved.
      I cry over the ones that can’t connect feel or beleive the love of Hashem.
      I cry for the possible fact that it was stolen of them.
      I cry for the negatively judged.
      I cry for self hate and self judgment.
      I cry for hate.
      I cry for fear of every type.

      And as the day moved over to Chatzos,
      I yearn and I hope.
      And I see.
      I see love from one Jew to another.
      I see a global yearning for unity.
      I see a deep desire to connect.
      I see a deep desire to allow ourselves and each one of us to be our own selves.
      I see a desire to connect to each other’s in our diversity without judgment.
      I see countless organizations giving round the clock shiurim on rebuilding.
      I see countless lectures on kovod habrios.
      I see broken confused hearts and souls that just wanna be good.
      I see huge organizations growing up and expanding beyond what was ever in history.
      I see parents yearning to understand and just connect to their children in the most supportive and loving way.
      I see allot of attuning happening all over progressively, in effort to understand the needs of the generation and each others.
      I see hope.
      I see rebuilding.

      And I cry and I beg,
      Please Hashem!
      Come join us!

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