How do we properly daven for multiple people?

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    • Michal 6 months ago

      I asked my Rebbie, Harav Simcha L Weinberg neiro yair the following:


      Q:How do we daven for so many people, including the wounded, or sick, or taken hostage, or missing when there are so many names?

      Q: When saying Yehi Ratzon for a choleh, do we say all of the names as a list or as a separate Yehi Ratzon.

      Rabbi Weinberg, n’’y  responded as follows:

      According to the Chidah it is best to daven for people needing a Refuah etc.. in a general way by the appropriate tefillah such as Rifaeinu for those who are ill or wounded.  [Or perhaps Mikabetz Nidchei Amo Yisrael for those taken as hostages]

      It is best to say the individual names by  Shema Koleinu. If we are davening  for someone we are close to  we should say each name separately with an individual prayer or Yehi Ratzon.  We can say one Yehi Ratzon and include all those names we daven for their refuah or protection etc in cases we don’t know them personally or their specific situations. 

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