Helping the Needy by Praying

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    • Michal 2 years ago

      Rabeinu Yonah teaches us in Pirkei Avos in the first Chapter how it is most important for us to learn the Halachos of the needy and poor people as part of fulfilling the directive of Chazal to be deliberate in judgement, (Hevey Misunim Badin).

      He says it is so very important so much so that it is listed as the first directive of all of Pirkei Avos.

      He explains that Hashem guides and involves Himself in most personal of ways for the Needy person and Poor person, quoting a verse in Yermiyahu.  He explains that Hashem teaches us through the Navi that in order for us to “Know Hashem” we need to know the Halachos so we can treat them with utmost care, sensitivity and with deliberation,  as in Hevey Misunim Badin.

      Tefillah  incredibly  means judgement and thinking. (The Hebrew root פלל refers to “executing judgement” (Exodus 21:22) or “thinking” (Genesis 48:11)

      I think that when we daven for another in need, really working at it, thinking about what the person needs, how to approach Hashem, What to say, and deliberate we can ideally fulfill this directive of Chazal as taught by Rabeinu Yonah.

      Prayer is  therefore an act of Chesed, Tzedaka, Loving Your friend, Loving Hashem, and so much more….

      I think prayer includes all Mitzvot and is a universal gift of music of connection to all.

      May we master the Halachos of the poor and needy emulating Hashem, and through our prayers get to know Him!




    • Michal 2 years ago

      How does judgement connect with helping the needy?

    • Michal 2 years ago

      How can we apply the halachos of tzedaka practically to Prayer?

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