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    • Michal 5 months ago

      In the merit of the healing of Yitzchak Simcha Aaron Ben Basya Bluma from The Ultimate Healer.

      Some times I feel like I am in Limbo. I have heard others talk about this when it comes to finding an appropriate Shidduch , or other situations, as one who is going through a healing process that involves the back and forth , or “on an off” that sometimes is present when healing. Or this sense of not yet… and waiting that can appear as so so long..

      I need to know I have my ground to stand on in my Relationship with You, Hashem. . I need Your Reliability., I Need Your words of “You will never abandon me” to be as true as you provide an Earth as a solid place I can stand without any doubt.

      Baruch Atah Hashem… “Roka Haaretz Al Hamayim”

      By: Michal Leah

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