Conversations of healing; as a powerful prayer

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    • Michal 1 year ago

      I learned this simple concept from somebody I know which changed me.  I found it to be beautiful and eternally beneficial, and I think it can change the world if applied!

      Whenever writing an email or text,  this person makes sure he begins with finding something nice to say and makes sure to end on the same note.  He also reads it over to make sure the body of the email is beautiful. 

      Yesterday, I began copying his practice and I find myself changing how I am seeing others and most of all inside of me.  It seemed to have made such a difference in the responses of people, and I immediately wanted to share this with everyone. 

      This then connected me to a halacha of praying.  We always begin with praise , then we make our requests and complete with praise to Hashem. 

      If we do that with Hashem, should we not do it when we speak with people?

      Rav Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz states that when one practices this when learning Torah, beginning with a ‘shevach‘ to Hashem and ending with a “shevach” to Hashem, he promises removal of illness.

      The thought occurred to me, imagine if all of our conversations included these simple tweaks?  Would that not constitute a tefillah?  Would we have a healed world?

      I would like to suggest  Yes!  

      May we all experience our conversations so beautiful as a powerful prayer that includes a very real magical gift of healing biezras Hashem. 


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