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    • Michal 10 months ago

      I used the following  Kavana (directed intentions) for this blessing in the Amida, and I thought I would share.

      According to the Yesod Haavoda (the First Slonim Rav, Z”tzl), he states that Hashem created All with Chochmah, (wisdom), Tevuna (understanding) and Daas (knowing).  He also is Mashgiach (watches, and interacts intimately) with all.  He created a world with rules and systems of nature. He does all this for B’nei Yisroel .   He then continues with the fact that when we fulfill His Ratzon, (His will/desire) He then will change the very nature for us!

      Therefore, firstly I thank Hashem for the following insight into this Tefillah.

      I think we are being given the following opportunity to ask Hashem for (1) our Tefilla to be one that is according to His Ratzon, (2) for the act of Davening, as is a Mitzvah to be the fulfillment of His Ratzon.

      Once we establish that, we can ask Him for anything, and change the very nature of anything, which means His Shechina is singing with us,

      Which then leads to Modim, in which we recognize Hashem’s handiwork, and miracles , and involvement in all.

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