Amein and Redemption

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    • Michal 1 year ago

      Rabbeinu Bachya ben Ashur teaches that one who answers Amen properly, brings existence to the brachah,[1] such as a signature on a document or contract. He also explains how it is the person that says Amen who is the second witness making it valid, a reality. He explains how saying Amen is actually an act of Emunah.  Emunah is what leads us to Geulah.[2]

      I was once taught from a Kohen who gave me a brachah that I loved, that the power of his brachah depends on the receiver of the bracha’s belief in it and degree in which the receiver holds on to it.

      I think that when a person hears a brachah, and says Amen after internalizing the brachah until it is true for them inside, it becomes a reality. It is an act of Tocho K’voro, what is inside now becomes a reality on the outside.  The contract becomes valid and enforceable.

      Perhaps this is what happened when we learn in the second chapter of Bereishis how there was no man to work the Adama.  The vegetation and growth were in a state of Terem (not yet). When Adam davened upon the need for rain, Hashem responded with blowing a soul of life into the Adam.  His tefillah became alive and created a reality of life.

      1. Seek and then Internalize/ Process the brachos of Hashem until we establish it as Emes internally (Tocho-Inside)
      2. Sign as a witness to the reality established, by saying Amen a form of Tefillah. (Kivoro-Externally)
      3. Reality . A Meeting Of Minds so to speak is established.

      To recap, it seems to me that we have the ability and charge to search for Hashems brachos that are already here but in a state of waiting,  and to move it from a waiting state into full expression through a process of Amein/ Emuna.

      Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the redemption will happen only with Emunah according to Chazal.

      May we all be zoche to master the art of Amein in our Tefillos to Hashem of Tocho Kivoro Biezras Hashem for a speedy needed Redemption.  Amein.


      [1] Kad Hakemach, Emunah

      [2] Based on Yeshayahu, 26:2

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