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    • Michal 2 years ago

      ‘By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg, Originally featured in Mishpacha Magazine’

      At that moment, I knew this family secret of the “Nishmas moment” must be publicized

      Allow me to share with you an important family secret about the tefillah of Nishmas.
      That Nishmas is one of the most powerful and significant tefillos is not a secret. That this tefillah is traced back to the generation of the Tannaim is also no secret. It is also well known that the tefillah has been recommended by many gedolim throughout the generations as a powerful segulah.
      So then what is this “important family secret” about Nishmas I am about to share? First, let me offer some important background.
      There are various opinions as to who composed this important tefillah. The first letters of four of the primary pesukim spell the name “Shimon” (backward), a hint that this is the author’s name. But which Shimon is it?

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