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    • intomeaning 2 years ago

      When I finished havdalah this past motzei shabbat I remembered a video I saw showing how to rekindle a candle whose fire was recently extinguished. When extinguishing a candle light, there is smoke that is given off and you can hold a match to the smoke and it will travel down to the candle and rekindle it. Here is an example below:


      To me, the end of havdalah represents the fire of shabbat being extinguished. But I imagine the smoke coming off the havdalah candle extending into my week; when I reignite during the week, my flame travels along the cloud of smoke and reignites the candle, so the flame continues to burn. Perhaps that is connected to what my Rebbe n’y taught about the Gemara in Shabbat 23b: “The pillar of fire would appear slightly before nightfall. And the pillar of fire would overlap with the pillar of cloud, as well.” When I learn with my chaburah and my Rebbe, it ignites a candle within, but when the fire goes out, I look to the smoke and try to reignite the candle. When praying for ENBLR, I imagine that the foggy memory she suffers from is a cloud waiting to be used to reignite her flame. I pray to Hashem, that in the zechut of Sarah Imeinu, who’s candle lasted from one shabbat to the next, that ENBLR’s internal flame should fully reignite, to have her memory fully restored, amen, may it be His will.

    • Leila Redlich 2 years ago

      I do remember that phenomenon of the flame lighting through smoke to the wick. It’s so interesting! It reminds me of Techiyas HaMasim.

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