We are a Chelek of Hashem

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    • Michal 1 year ago

      I had the honor of learning with a young lady,  Miss T. F.  who taught me this idea on Shabbos.  She said she learned from her teacher that a person who is zoche to learn an idea in Torah and connect it with another idea in Torah, or Nach is receiving Hashem’s Love.

      We then discussed the following idea shared by Rabeinu Bachya on Parshas Vayeitzei.

      Rabeinu Bachya teaches how Hashem promised Yaakov Avinu and his children the gift of Eretz Yisrael, and that He will be with them,  ושישמרנו בכל דרכיו,  and protect him wherever he goes from harm. This promise of protection is related to a Tzadik, reflective of his elevated status.

      Hashem conveys this to him using the word, “I” , אני[1].

      Rabeinu Bachya connects this word of אני to another verse in Bamidbar in which Hashem says to the Kohen,  [2]אני חלקך ונחלתך, I am you portion and your share.  They are part of Hashem’s Divinity.

      Similarly, Hashem says this to the whole nation of Israel: כי חלק ה’ עמו יעקב חבל נחלתו, The nation of Israel is part of Hashem, and Yaakov is part of His Heritage.

      She then made the following beautiful connection to a Rashi on a pasuk in Shemos, describing Moshe moving his tent at a distance from the camp after the episode with the sin of the Egel and Moshe insists on Klal Yisrael maintaining a direct relationship with Hashem.[3]

      Rashi says the reason Moshe decided to move his tent at a distance was because Hashem, His Ultimate Rebbie, said He would not dwell amongst the people after the Eigel. He inferred therefore that Hashems intention of  withdrawal requires a Talmid to do so too even more. He acted in kind.

      Miss T.F,  felt that the relationship between Rebbie and Talmid, i.e, Hashem and Moshe was what it is when Hashem said, “I am your Chelek”, I am part of you Yaakov and to the Kohanim and  to Klal Yisrael who are also called Mamleches Kohanim.  Moshes response reflected a relationship of “I am part of you”.

      Yehoshua never left his Rebbie, Moshe Rabeinu for the same reason, the relationship between Talmid and Rebbie.[4]

      Rabeinu Bachya also connects the words of אני ה , the same words promised to Yaakov to the Opening Words of Hashem at Har Sinai, of אנכי ה. (Rabeinu Bachya,Beraishis, 28:12)

      Based on what Tziporah explained, I think the Aseres Hadibros, beginning with the words: Anochi Hashem, is when Hashem binds himself to us as us being part of Him.  We can have this idea in mind when we say the brachos of Torah of Hamilamed Torah L’amo Yisrael.  Hashem, our Rebbie of Torah to Am Yisrael as an expression of Him being our Chelek.

      My Rebbie, Harav Simcha L Weinberg, neiro yair  shared the following application of Tzipora’s idea.

      Use when taking your three steps back in Shmone Esrei.  Have in mind to take Hashem with you throughout the day.   If Hashem stopped to listen to your private Shmone Esrei, then He is making it very clear to you , that You are His Chelek.





      [1] אני ה’ אלקי אברהם אביך ואלקי יצחק, Bereishis, 28:13 , Rabeinu Bachya

      [2]  The portions of the offerings assigned to you (the priests) are portions from G’d’s table. (Rabbeinu Bachya)

      [3] Shemos, 33:7

      [4] Rav Simcha L Weinberg taught this to me.

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